Professional Standards Program

NAEOP PSP State Chair - Anne Morley, CEOE

 The continuing education of educational office professionals is essential to cope   with rapidly changing conditions in the profession.


 The National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP) provides   the opportunity for members to enhance their professional competencies

 through academic programs, conferences, and institutes. These incentive   activities enable the members to take progressive steps to their desired   professional growth level.


 Successful completion of a NAEOP approved program qualifies the member for   one or more of the following Professional Standards Program certificates: Basic,   Associate Degree, Associate Professional, Bachelor Degree, Advanced I,   Advanced II, Advanced III, Master Degree, and Doctoral Degree.


Certified Educational Office Employee/

Certified Educational Support Employee

 Application for the distinction of Certified Educational Office Employee (CEOE)   or Certified Educational Support Employee (CESE) may be made after   completing requirements for certain level PSP certificates. Once a member meets   the requirements for Advanced III, Associate Degree, Bachelor Degree, Master   Degree, or Doctoral Degree PSP Certificate, he or she may apply for the CEOE or   CESE distinction at the same time as applying for PSP recognition or at a later     date. CEOE/CESE is a sustained distinction (no need for recertification) and is   valid as long as a one is a member of NAEOP.


 For more information, visit NAEOP's PSP Webpage or contact our NAEOP PSP   State Chair at

Our Mission

 NYSAEOP, the only state-wide,   non-union organization dedicated   to continued professional growth   for educational office   professionals in preparing     members to meet the challenges   of a changing world.


 The Association shall   promote and support:

  • Life-long Learning
  • Leadership
  • Team Networking
  • Educational Resources

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